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bananas, leaves, blossom and fruit.

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Started weaving the banana leaf shape using the dyed fleece shown above, hand dyed and spun.


finished tapestry

This tapestry was undertaken just as a sample piece of blending and paint effects. It is of a detail of a picture by Matisse that I have had on my wall for years ( a wedding present ) and I always thought ‘I wonder if I could weave that bit’, it’s full of brush marks and runny paint and very slapdash…quite the way I like things! Anyway I have learnt so much about blending and colour  it was worth the effort, despite my families question of ‘what exactly is it?’

Matisse’s Chair work in progress update

just a few millimetres to go!

Matisse’s Chair work in progress update

nearly at the end of this tapestry, just a few more centimetres to go……..

orange peel

Matisse’s Chair work in progress update

Design inspired by a summer of indigo dyeing. Hand dyed and spun wool, silk and cotton

madder, weld, logwood purple Earth Hues dyes